Business Counseling

Mazullo & Murphy, P.C. fully supports the business needs of its clients from business formation through initial development and expansion. The firm takes great pride in the professional services it has provided to many small to medium-sized businesses that have, since their inception, placed their trust in the attorneys at Mazullo & Murphy, P.C.

Attorneys at Mazullo & Murphy, P.C. serve as counsel for business matters ranging from determinations regarding the structuring and organizing of business entities (choice of entity) through business dissolution. The firm will negotiate, counsel, and/or act as legal consultants in all contractual matters, business sales and acquisition transactions, and employee issues. Our attorneys have expertise in aiding clients through compliance with a myriad of federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Mazullo & Murphy, P.C. offers comprehensive guidance for all of its client's business needs, including, if necessary, skilled and ethical courtroom representations.

Acting as general counsel for many area businesses, Mazullo & Murphy, P.C. attorneys pride themselves on thoroughly learning their client's business practices, which enables the firm to provide specific guidance with the goal of avoiding legal problems, rather than responding to legal problems after they occur. This proactive approach is one in which we provide practical advice, and skilled contract preparation and negotiation, with the goal of avoiding litigation, but when necessary, superior and ethical representation when you are in the courtroom.

The objective at Mazullo & Murphy, P.C. is to be readily available to be called upon by its business clients as warranted; we want you to do what you do best, which is run your business. Attorneys will provide professional services to the extent that the client dictates. Our role as your business counselor is 100% defined by a client's specific needs rather than the firm's desire to create work and increase billing. Unfortunately, this is not the approach of many law firms; however, it is the only approach that allows your business to grow in the most efficient manner.