Firm Profile

Mazullo & Murphy, P.C., is a diverse general practice firm serving individuals and businesses throughout the Delaware Valley. The firm's size allows for a personal connection and a true client-focused atmosphere. Our attorneys possess a vast network of legal, business, and other professional contacts in several areas of law that are often utilized to enhance our firm's full-service approach. For the duration of the client's working relationship with our firm, we strive for creative solutions, professionalism and meeting the varied needs of each client in as efficient a manner as possible. By actively interacting with, and seeking input from, our clients at all stages of our representation, our firm's team approach operates with acute sensitivity to client objectives.

The breadth of our experience allows us to address each client's specific needs in an organized manner. While the firm's legal experiences are diverse, we do emphasize certain Areas of Practice including: Business CounselingEstate AdministrationEstate and Trust PlanningFamily Law and Real Estate | Title Services | Zoning. Mazullo & Murphy, P.C. will serve your needs with the focused attention of a small firm and with the professional results expected from a team of experienced attorneys. Efficient and creative solutions lead to satisfied clients - that is the core objective at Mazullo & Murphy, P.C.

Our Business Philosophy

Consultations and Legal Fees

Mazullo & Murphy, P.C. is aware that legal fees are very often the client's most significant concern. The firm offers competitive fee rates and several payment options, including monthly or quarterly installation payments. While most matters are conducted on an hourly rate basis, the firm will handle certain matters on a fixed fee basis. Fee structure is determined at the onset of the representation.

As a client's needs become more complex, or as a business grows, the services at Mazullo & Murphy, P.C. will adapt the manner in which professional services are rendered. Many legal transactions can be complex, expensive, time consuming, and extremely stressful to clients. Our law firm prides itself on handling all transitions in as efficient a manner as possible. We will always maintain a professional and respectful manner towards the client's legal and financial needs.

For client convenience, consultations and conferences may be available at your home or office.